Harnessing the knowledge, experience, and expertise of an adept group of Extraction Artists and professionals, Infuzionz produces some of the finest, award-winning cannabis concentrates in Colorado. As producers of a wide variety of high-quality concentrate offerings, including solvent and solvent-free extractions, we take seriously our responsibility for safe production. We go to great lengths to ensure the safety of our facilities and staff, as well as the efficacy of our products.


  • Bubble Hash

    Bubble Hash

    Supplement your regular flower supply with this easy and affordable way to boost effectiveness, particularly if you have a high tolerance to flowers alone. To produce the ultimate bowl topper, we tumble sweet leaf, ice, and water to isolate and extract the cannabinoid-laden essential oils from the leaves.

    We then micron-filter the oil and water mixture and cure the resulting bubble hash, until the optimal smoking quality is reached. What remains is a type-specific variety of bubble hash (indica, sativa, or hybrid) consisting of trichome heads, stalks, and very little microscopic plant matter, which makes this product great for smoking, but not ideal for vaporizing or dabbing.

  • Ice Wax

    Ice Wax

    For those wanting a solvent-free concentrate that is ideal for vaporizing or dabbing, our exclusive Artisan hand crafts every batch of Ice Wax, by using the same ice water extraction techniques as our Bubble Hash.

    In addition, starting with frozen sweet leaf allows for ease of trichome removal from the leaves and produces a more pure concentrate, by limiting the amount of microscopic plant matter that can pass through our finest micron bubble bags. This is our most expensive variety of concentrate we produce, but we’re sure you’ll agree that the quality, purity, and efficacy are worth every penny!

  • Solvent

  • Wax


    Probably the most well-known variety of concentrate made from a butane extraction, our Wax is a superb quality and value. Named for its dry, crumbly ear wax-like appearance, we use an ever-rotating lineup of 100+ strains of flower to create unique blends such as our Rocky Mountain Blend Wax (Hybrid Blend).

  • Budder


    If you’re seeking an easy-to-use concentrate that clings to your hash tools and reduces spillage and loss when dabbing, our Budder is a fabulous option. We whip it to give it a smooth, creamy consistency that is less dry and crumbly than Wax but has an equal amount of flavor notes.

  • Pie Crust

    Pie Crust

    Like apple pie, our Pie Crust variety of butane-extracted cannabis concentrate is baked in an oven, but not your grandma’s oven. Our state-of-the-art vacuum ovens purge out the solvent in a multi-step process, leaving nothing but a soft, velvety hash that can be used in a multiplicity of ways.

  • Taffy


    Reminiscent of salt-water taffy in texture, our Taffy is like Shatter’s little sister. Produced using similar techniques, Taffy is an intensely concentrated form of cannabis that is best vaporized or dabbed, to spotlight the flavor and purity.

  • Shatter


    One of our most popular concentrate offerings and named for its shattered glass-like appearance, we vacuum purge and reduce our Shatter for maximum purity. Shades of gold, honey, and amber give each individual batch of Shatter a unique appearance, creating conversation points among even the most discerning connoisseurs.

  • Nectar


  • Speciality

  • Caviar


  • Kief


    Kief is the simplest, easiest way to use concentrates, and is a great introductory product. It’s produced from a single-step mechanical extraction. Like laundry in the dryer, we tumble our sweet leaf, to shake loose all those wonderful, potent trichomes which we deliver to you in a convenient container.

  • Hash Oil

  • BHO


    Ideal for lining a rolling paper or blunt wrap to enhance the intensity of your flower, this decarboxylated oil can also be consumed orally. Whether applying to a toothache, cold sore, or simply placed under the tongue for sublingual absorption, the efficacy is superior. Not designed for use in cooking or baking, but may be used as an condiment to any food.

  • EHO


    In contrast to our BHO, the Ethanol Hash Oil we produce can be used to make at-home infused edibles. They are also decarboxylated and usable as either a smokable or edible product, depending upon your preferred consumption method. After soaking flower in ethanol, we then purge all of the ethanol from the hash oil resulting in a highly concentrated and very potent hash oil.

  • CBD (BHO)